The MMW Experience | Maayan Midwest

Maayan Midwest is the place to spend your summer! Located on our own beautiful, serene, all-sports lake in the heart of Michigan – just over 2 hrs from Chicago. MMW offers you the warmth of the Midwest, coupled with non-stop fun and all month long. We ensure every single camper has the summer of a lifetime! The MMW program is specially designed to enrich each camper through a deeper appreciation of all that life, and MMW has to offer. Through the beauty of Torah values, developing lifelong friendships, admiration of role models, appreciation of mitzvos, and of course adoration for oneself – it will be a month of endless smiles and growth to last a lifetime.

Maayan Midwest was started by a team of educators, camp enthusiasts, and parents from the Chicagoland Jewish community. Seeking to fill a growing need in the frum community for more summer camp options, this team sought to rectify the situation and employed leaders in the industry to accomplish this. With a variety of backgrounds and led by their passion for Jewish camping, Maayan Midwest ensures each camper will gain tremendously in a variety of ways. The MMW program promotes self-discovery, enhanced self-esteem, new life skills, life-long friendships, positive role models, and a deep appreciation for the Torah and Jewish values. The positive, encouraging, and fun camp culture at Maayan Midwest will enable campers to explore their frumkeit through the same joyous outlook.

The Maayan Midwest experience builds camaraderie and fosters relationships that will enable each camper to end the summer with friends and mentors for life. Maayan Midwest nurtures a family-like atmosphere with year-round programming and reunions. Each camper and staff member in Maayan Midwest will be treated with the utmost respect, and with the expectations, we would have for our own daughters. Every MMW attendee will feel secure to be themselves and have all their needs met by our warm and considerate staff.

Every Maayan Midwest attendee is a world unto themselves, and will draw from their summer experiences as they grow and build future generations. For this reason, the MM program is built to cater to the needs of every individual. With a plethora of activities, trips, clubs, and hobbies to choose from, each camper and the staff member will customize their daily schedules to be certain they get the most out of their summer.

Maayan Midwest looks forward to kicking off its summer and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any further comments, questions, or concerns!